Exploring the customer experience blogosphere

November 18, 2009

Customer experience is a hot topic these days. If you go on Bing (looking for a different experience vs. Google) and search on “customer experience” you get 480 mm hits, more than triple what you get Binging “customer relationship” and almost the same as Binging “customer service”. There are a multitude of conferences on the topic (e.g. the IQPC Customer Experience Summit and the Conference Board’s Customer Experience Management Conference to name just two). There are more than 20,000 videos on YouTube listed after a customer experience search. There are thousands of Customer Experience webinars available on-line. And even key government leaders are talking about the customer experience – e.g. Aneesh Chopra – President Obama’s chief technology officer – said at a recent nanotechnology conference that the “broader question is this…how do we embrace the principle of customer experience design in what we do in research and development?” (You can find an audio recording of his keynote address at the conference website.)

When I decided to get serious about blogging myself I thought I’d read other people’s blogs on the topic as a way to gain entry into this huge pool of information. And blogs on customer experience abound – Bing has more than 60 mm hits for “customer experience blog”. I skimmed through more than 50 of the top rated blogs and I found most of them not to be particularly helpful to me with many focused on customer call-center issues or designed as self-promotions. But I did find several that I liked – with thoughtful perspectives, lots of useful links, with frequent good comments and rich archives. Here are ones I liked:

  • Bruce Temkin blogging at “Customer Experience Matters”. Bruce is Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research focusing on customer experience. He has been blogging for more than two-and-a-half years and his topics are particularly varied and wide ranging. With this blog I’d suggest going back into the archives and start from the beginning.
  • Peter Merholz of blogging at HarvardBusiness.org. Peter is a founding partner, board member, and president of Adaptive Path and is an internationally recognized thought leader on customer experience. He co-authored Subject To Change. Peter blogs relatively infrequently on this site but the posts are particularly insightful and can be particularly provocative (e.g. his most recent post on “Why Design Thinking Won’t Save You.”)
  • Bernhard Schindlholzer of the University of St. Gallen blogging at Customer-Experience-Labs. Bernhard is a research associate and Ph.D. student at the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The Customer Experience Labs is an interdisciplinary research group focusing on all aspects of designing remarkable customer experiences.
  • Also the Adaptive Path company blog.  Adaptive Path does consulting for computer/web user interface and user experience (UX) design and offers conferences and training for UX designers. Consequently this blog tends to have a narrow UX focus but its richness in that area (and the occasional post on broader customer experience issues) makes it worth reading selectively.

For any of you new to the customer experience field who check out these sites I’d be interested in your comments. Also any of you who are well steeped in the field and have blogs you’d recommend I’d be interested in knowing about them.


One Response to “Exploring the customer experience blogosphere”

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